ami safety Services

​​​​A​MI Safety, Inc.


    AMI Safety's primary objective is to assist clients in reducing workers' compensation and                           general liability losses, thus reducing insurance premiums. Our approach with new clients is to: 

  • Evaluate any existing company programs and/or policies
  • Review and evaluate previous employee injury and accident reports
  • Identify and follow-up on outstanding claims until they are closed
  • Interview key managers and supervisors to seek their input
  • Develop a Safety and Loss Control Program which includes the following elements:

             . Safety and Health Policy

            . Medical Treatment Procedures 

            . Employee Substance Abuse 

            . Employee Assistance Program 

            . Personal Protection 

            . Safety Rules

            . Safety Meetings

            . Job Site or Plant Inspections Safety

            . Accident Investigation and Reporting Procedures  

            . Disciplinary Action Policy 

            . OSHA Inspections and OSHA Compliance

            . Sub-Contractor Qualifications  

   To begin providing safety and loss control program services to new clients, we like to                                  meet with company managers and supervisors to present the program and make any                                  necessary revisions. Following this meeting, it is expected that everyone agrees and                                    accepts the program  and is willing to begin implementation. Then, we present the                                        program to company employees  and inform them on what is expected of them. 

    Once the program is implemented, we can provide the following services on a regular basis:              

  • Provide monthly job site inspections to ensure compliance with safety program and                           procedures
  • Monitor program compliance and results and provide feedback to management
  • Provide periodic Safety Meeting and Driver Bulletins for “tool box” discussions
  • Investigate accidents for Workers’ Compensation, Fleet and General Liability incidents
  • Generate and file Workers’ Compensation, Fleet and General Liability claims including forwarding copies to respective company representatives or insurance brokers as requested          
  • Recommend self pay for insurance claims falling into previously established limits
  • Monitor all worker injuries and follow-up with the physician or Licensed Health Care Professional (LHCP) on lost time cases regarding the worker returning to work as soon as possible​
  • Accompany insurance representatives on plant or job site visits when requested
  • Accompany OSHA inspectors on site visits and prepare for informal and formal hearings when these situations arise
  • Obtain driver's records on a routine basis

    The relationship we establish with our clients and the manner in which we interact allows us to provide     our clients with the services of a full time safety department.